To understand what we want we much first know; to see, to feel, is to already Be what we want. This is the key behind The Secret. If you are unfamiliar with the Law of Attraction, I suggest you get acquainted. In my opinion the movie was a little material focused…

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So, here’s a li’l perception.

All about how, we’ll put things twist-turned, upside down…! So, let me take a minute, just sit right there. And, we’ll give a fun approach to make a few things more aware 😉 I once read, “An enlightened person doesn’t ask anyone to believe anything. They simply point the way…

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What to Do when Being.


Anything. Is a Buddha-ful answer. But truly, meditation is all in what you make it. There’s no need to sit in silence unless to find Your Self. Your True Self. That’s what it’s all about! *ting!*  Intention but, better yet, focus. Removing ‘tension’ from intention leaves you with … Focus.…

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