Missing in Action
Tina Thrussell

Yup, that’s me….missing in action.  I’m here, but I haven’t really been here.  I stopped writing at the end of January with any regularity because I got caught up (can you say ‘obsessed’?) in moving the Universal Circle of Women forward.  Check www.universalcircleofwomen.com  if you haven’t yet… I’m acting on a vision I had this summer and it’s consuming what energy I have left after teaching my Nia classes these days. 

Which means things like connecting with people through our blog, doing my daily rituals, connecting with friends, dancing for me, etc, etc have all fallen by the wayside.  I had a huge reality check the other day when I suddenly became aware of how tight and tense my body was and how on edge I felt… I’d fallen into an old pattern of ‘doing’ and taking on all the responsibilties on as my own, again.   Nothing that a walk in the woods couldn’t cure… some time with the trees brought me back into a grounded state and I’m back writing and meditating and honoring my need to be creative through all the administrative stuff I’m doing.

This reminder to myself to keep the love and creative energy flowing, no matter how many ‘to do’s’ there are, will surely be useful to a few of you, too… call a friend right now and tell them you care, write a line or two of poetry or dance to some upbeat music.  Do something that connects you to that sense of love and oneness again. 

Namaste,  Tina

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