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They say there are two important days in a your life: the day you were born, and the day you find out why you were born. – Carl Townsend
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Dreams become reality through two things;


  1. Having the courage to dream;
  2. Having the courage to act on your dreams.


BestUCanB, over the next couple weeks we’ll be sharing with you the stories of two dreamers that we are proud and honored to have in our lives.

 The first dreamer is a married man with one child whom was working in a high stress non rewarding job — he pretty much hated what he did. To make matters worse, Jason was in a marital, spiritual and emotional rut. He felt trapped and it was eating away his soul. Until Jason courageously decided he would start “Acting”. 

His story is a story of pure synchronicities and trust allowing the universe to unfold for him. The moment Jason declared he wanted to act again, the universe conspired to assist him, filling his calendar with acting opportunities. He appeared in the TV series “Hell on Wheels” and in numerous stage performances in Red Deer. Jason is living a DREAM — his dream 

I asked Jason if I could share the above information and this was his response. 

“Yes! Absolutely you may use me in the article. Feel free to use my name. It’s my life and I’m excited to share. I would add that the universe continues to provide as long as I continue to put in the work to accept opportunities. Many times I have been offered opportunities to act and thought,  ” I really want this role, but how will I fit this into my work schedule?” 

Instead of assuming it was impossible, I approached my supervisors and co-workers for assistance, and every time my schedule was re-arranged effortlessly to allow me to enjoy the opportunity. 

My first feature film role involved schedule rearranging by the film producers, my family, and work during the busiest, most leave restricted time of year…and in no time at all, I had all the film days I needed. 

Other keys to my success: when I do get an audition opportunity, I do everything I can to succeed. I don’t just walk in (as some actors do) and say “So what am I here for, again?” I research the production, the company, the director, producer and especially the role I am after.


If I have a script or part of the script, I learn it and memorize it, and develop a character around it. For mailed in movie auditions, I don’t just send a resume / headshots and hope it works; I get appropriate costumes, props, and I film myself as the character. I carefully edit it and combine it with good background music, titles, and put the finished product on a DVD or a private YouTube link. 

While many actors who live in Hollywood or Vancouver will go to audition after audition not knowing much about the next role they are auditioning for, I pick and choose to ensure that my audition is the best I can make it. Here is the key principle behind it:


The universe conspired to get me to this opportunity, now it’s my turn to do everything I can to make it happen.


On the flipside, sometimes the universe provides signals that an opportunity is not right. Many times I have seen a role that interested me, I wrote an email expressing an interest in the role, but before I am able to hit send my Internet crashes. I reboot it, then get called away from my desk and hear Randy on American Idol tell a singer “Dog that song was not a good choice for you”. I will walk back to my desk and hit delete on the email. The universe says no for a reason, accept it and move on….probably better things are out there for me. 

If you take steps to fix something like scheduling and they disappear ridiculously easy, then the universe is guiding you to it. When every step you take there are unanticipated road blocks, and signs saying no. It’s probably not an ideal opportunity. Thank the universe for the guidance. Know that there is something better being lined up, and taking this current opportunity would get in, the way.

Where is Jason at in life now? He has recently moved to part time in the job that was sucking the life out of him (after all it does still pay the bills), he and a friend have started a marketing / advertising company in which the universe is already providing him more leads than he knows what to do with, very soon he has an audition with one of Calgary’s top talent agencies (success with that will open many, many doors), and he is the extras casting director on the feature film “Year After Year” filming in Red Deer, Edmonton and Calgary in August, 2012.


NOTE: If you are interested in being an extra in a movie, or your business is not at the level you want it to be, send him a message at Jason@onecrazystory.com. Why one crazy story? Because that’s what life is when you work with the universe…a thrill ride, a joy in every moment, something that others look at and comment “Dude, you have one crazy story!”


By the way, I have begun to notice that the more I live my dream, the more it seems to give permission to the people around me to live theirs. People have been telling me what they dream of doing and couples have even asked for some help with taking some steps towards their goals and I see more and more of these people stepping into things that make them happy;  the universe is manifesting powerfully for them. It seems to be accelerating right now. Maybe there is something to this 2012 thing.


We are connecting closer and closer to instant manifestation.

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