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“While I dance I can not judge, I can not hate, I can not separate myself from life. I can only be joyful and whole. This is why I dance.”

-Hans Bos

Neil introduced me to Lindsey Stirling and I can’t get enough of this girl’s music!! If this violin doesn’t make your heart sing and your feet dance, BestUCanB my guess is that nothing will! Enjoy the video by clicking here

 Believe in Yourself – You’re Awesome!


Workshop this Wed, Mar 14 at Women’s Health Resources in Calgary, 7:00 – 9:00 pm

Your physical, mental and emotional states are all inter-connected. How you think and feel about yourself affects your health. Through story-telling and participatory exercises, you will see how your attitude and your ability to give and receive impact how much enjoyment you have in your life. Be energized by this fun, interactive workshop with Tina Thrussell! 


Register by calling 403-944-2270


Thank You

to all the great folks who joined us at Self-Connection books for the movie showing on Saturday night.  Through admission fees, we were able to raise funds to provide 5 micro-loans to people in third world countries, so they can build a business for themselves and become self-sufficient. 


We are making these loans through http://www.kiva.org/



“I am that, I am”

BestUCanB we recently watched “The Moses Code” and in this documentary they provided the above new perspective to that old biblical phrase ” I am that I am.”  They  suggested that seeing You are that can assist you in feeling Oneness and connection with Divinity.  So, I (Tina) declare…

I am Woman that Dances with Light, I am.
I was gifted with this Spiritual/Medicine name about two years ago in a beautiful drumming ceremony with an aboriginal medicine man, White Thunderbird.  However, it wasn’t until a magical moment in Costa Rica this January that I truly accepted and owned this name at a cellular level.
On our last day at Chimuri Beach Retreat http://retreat.chimuribeach.com/  , I felt compelled to go and dance in the gazebo which was named Ananda (this means Great Joy in Sanskrit).  I’ve been recreationally dancing since I could walk, and becoming a Nia teacher fulfilled my childhood dream of being a dance teacher.  But this was dancing on a whole new level.  As the sun began to set, I danced with my heart wide open in that beautiful space between the ocean and the jungle.  I danced like no one was watching, without music.

When my dance came to an end, tears welled up in my eyes.  I knew that this was the most beautifully I’ve ever danced in my life.  This had been the dance of my soul!  I was awed and deeply grateful.  As the magnitude of the experience sunk in, I thought, “I really am Woman that Dances with Light!”

Upon our return home to Calgary, I asked the Universe to give me a sign that I am meant to shift my livelihood path to align more with my Spirit Name.  Within days, the opportunity at the Gem & Mineral Show in Lacombe presented itself.  I said, “God, if the session times I set at the show fill up, I will take it as I sign that I am meant to dance with light to aid others in their healing journey.”

Not only did the sessions fill up, they were amazingly joyful experiences for me as well as the recipients!  It made my heart sing to hear every single person I worked (or should I say played) with, express great satisfaction and appreciation for their experience with me…. and they had no hesitation offering a monetary exchange for their healing session. This was definitely the sign I was looking for!

This is my truth.  This is the path I am stepping onto.  Over the last three months that I’ve been ‘playing’ with this Energy Healing, the experiences have become more and more powerful.  I can no longer deny my gift for channeling the appropriate energies for people.  And perhaps my willingness to declare “I am Woman that Dances with Light, I am” will bring me a greater sense of Oneness and communication with Divinity.

I invite you, BestUCanB, to consider what you are willing to declare yourself to be.  What is your truth?  Please write to us and let us know at  newsletter@bestucanb.ca 

P.S. If you’re curious to know more about what I’m doing, visit http://www.haal.bestucanb.ca/  

P.P.S. I have now set aside Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and evenings, as well as Friday mornings to offer healing sessions in the Sacred Space we have set up in our home.  You can call me at 403-285-5266 or book times on-line at http://www.healing.bestucanb.ca/

In light and love,
Tina Thrussell
on behalf of the entire Best U Can B family

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